Rising Seniors - Wake Forest School of Business Summer Management Program

Rising Seniors

A Rising Senior:

I need to enhance my Resume

The Summer Management Program (SMP) is the perfect credential for your resume. It complements your major and will catch the eye of your next employer or your graduate program’s admissions team.

I am interested in an Internship

It only takes five weeks to complete the Summer Management program. Students often intern with a company after they complete the SMP, or use the SMP credential to help land internships the following summer.

I need to earn more college credits

The Summer Management Program is the most efficient way to earn 8 credit hours. These credit hours will serve you as you march toward graduation.

I am interested in Business

Regardless of your passion, your major, or your interests, business will touch your life. The Summer Management Program is a great way to learn the fundamentals of business.

Summer should be Fun

Believe it or not, our students routinely tell us how much fun they have in the Summer Management Program. You will work in teams, engage in fun projects, meet amazing faculty, and attend social events.