Testimonials - Wake Forest School of Business Summer Management Program


“Deciding to participate in the SMP was one of the most rewarding choices I have made for my future. My educational experience was enriched through real-life experiences from professors coming from the workforce to teach us or from working on live cases that incorporated all the elements in each of the modules we have learned over the five weeks. SMP should definitely be a program that non-business majors should highly consider participating in so they can still learn the critical principles of business.” Jess Pianko ’20

“My favorite part of the SMP was being able to meet with diverse interests. I greatly enjoyed being able to learn a wide variety of different business topics.” Sydney Kleinman ’21

“Through the Summer Management Program, I gained the skill set to enter the business world with confidence and composure.” Samantha Shah ’19

“The Summer Management Program is a fantastic five week program that will teach any liberal arts major the importance of business and topics such as accounting, finance, marketing, and business law. You will learn how to work on a team, write business briefs, and compete in a case study. The SMP will give you the skills that will open doors to new business possibilities. This program will help you stick out to any employer and make your resume stand out. I honestly could not think of a better way to spend summer session I.” Eric Wood ’21